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    Roof Repairs - Festival at Hyannis Shopping Center
    Hyannis, MA

    Project Scope: Roof inspectional and maintenance services were conducted during the month of October 2002 at the referenced facility. Specifically throughout twenty one retail store's roof areas, which measures approximately 200,000 square feet.
    The scope of work consisted of repairing the EPDM seams (field and base wall) and performing miscellaneous flashing repairs. As it relates to the seam repairs, the existing stone ballast was moved to expose all seams, the entire seam area was cleaned and primed, all seams were overlaid with 6" wide EPDM flashing membrane, and the stone ballast was re-distributed over the seam work area. Miscellaneous flashing repairs were also implemented at various rooftop penetrations, parapet walls, and holes in the membrane were patched.
    Project Cost: $165,000

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