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    Roof Repairs at Crow Holdings Warehouse Facility
    Newark, NJ (888 Doremus)

    Project Scope: A roof condition survey was completed in 2004.

    Roof Facts:
    - The reported roof area is approximately 480,000 square feet (SF).
    - The building consists of east and west sections. The west section is reported to be 21 years old while the east section is reported to be 19 years old construction.
    - A metallic-coated, structural, standing-seam metal roof covers the building.

    The roofing system appeared to be in good condition and functioning adequately. Some significant physical deficiencies were observed (deteriorated skylights/smoke hatches and previous repair failures). In addition metal panel seams and flashing deficiencies are continuing to occur. Numerous routine maintenance items should be performed to address these deficiencies. This metal roofing system is a good candidate for a protective coating installation (which includes repairing panel joints, re-securing fasteners, and new flashing), expected to be required within 2 to 3 years. We believe the total estimated repair costs of our recommendations would be between $870,000 and $1,120,000.

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